For Customers

Guide for Culture Amp customers using the API.

Culture Amp’s API enables your organization to programmatically exchange data with the platform and develop on it to meet your unique requirements.

The API is currently one-way and outbound, meaning it can only be used for data retrieval at this time. It does not support data ingestion.

A limited set of data is currently available from the API and is constrained to what is referenced within this Developer Portal.

Using the API is highly technical and support from a developer is needed. It may also require data engineers or analysts to support managing, analyzing, and interpreting data obtained from the API.

Setting Up the API

  • Calling the API requires a valid set of API credentials which are used to generate access tokens and make requests.
  • Generating API Credentials is done via your account’s Admin Settings, under the ‘API’ section accessed via the left-hand side navigation bar.
  • Authentication can then be performed using the credentials, which is done by calling the authentication endpoint for an access token.
  • Authorization Scopes need to be included in your authentication request.

Developing With the API

  • API Reference Guides can be used by your developers in conjunction with a valid access token to make requests to the API.
  • Keep in mind that [Pagination] and [Usage Limits] apply.
  • API Specification can also be helpful as documentation for Developer reference.
  • Many Common Use Cases exist that Developers can use to powerfully amplify the value you realize from Culture Amp and its data.
  • Questions? Check out our FAQs for answers.
  • If you have Feedback or Feature Requests please reach out.
  • Please Contact Support for any technical issues you encounter or for help.

Benefits for Your Organization

Decide when, where and how you use your data via the Culture Amp API. It empowers you to powerfully and flexibly leverage data flows for your organization’s needs at-scale. Find new people insights through bespoke analytics leveraging the API, connect to the apps you need, plus save time with automations and programmatic data management.

Note that the benefits your organization realizes are dependent on how you develop with the API due to it being a self-serve capability.

Deepen your people insights and connect data to business value.

Enrich your people analytics by leveraging Culture Amp data on-demand and combining it with other sources into even more powerful insights engines. Get the reporting, visualizations and dashboards your leaders need to stay informed and realize greater business value from people data.

Own your data. Decide when, where and how it's used.

Use your Culture Amp data on your own terms. Centralize, combine and refine your people data with other financial, operational, sales, product or HR data to expand your picture of the employee experience.

Embed Culture Amp data into your existing workflows across the apps your employees use each day.

Work better by connecting the apps you use daily. Connectivity with your tech stack seamlessly supports the way you work, with data automatically updated as needed on-demand.

Save time through automation and programmatic data management.

Keep your data accurate and fresh everywhere it's needed automatically. Programmatically sync your people data and keep it updated seamlessly across your tech stack.

Create or tailor workflows to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Build your own custom workflows to support your organization’s unique business needs. Automate tasks or workflows.