Getting Credentials

Generate credentials within your account's Admin Settings to set up API access.

Culture Amp's API uses the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Flow for authentication, which requires the creation and usage of valid API credentials for requests to the API.

Note that credentials can only be created by an Admin user with Account Owner permissions. Credentials are also generated and controlled on an 'Account' level, meaning they provide access to all an account's data scoped into their permissions.

As such they must be treated with a high degree of caution - never share credentials with parties you do not entrust to access your organization's data.

Generating API Credentials

To create a new set of API credentials:

  1. Log into your Culture Amp account as an Admin user with Account Owner permissions.
  2. Access your account's Admin Settings by clicking the 'Settings' item in the top right navigation menu.
  3. Click 'API' on the left hand side navigation within your Settings.
  4. Click 'Create API Credential' and follow the prompts.

Your credential consist of a client id and client secret .

Using API Credentials

Once you've created your credentials, you'll need to share them with a trusted developer in your organization who can use the client ID and client secret to authenticate with the API.