Getting Credentials

Understand how we provide credentials to Partners.

Once you have been approved as a Product & Technology Partner, in addition to signing our Partnership and Technology Agreements, you'll be provided with API Credentials that will give you Sandbox access.

Not a Partner yet? Please review our page here on how to apply.

The Sandbox environment contains test data that will allow you to call our API, unit test and validate your development efforts.

Before moving to Production endpoints and enabling a General Access release publicly for your feature, you'll need a mechanism in place to accept credentials from customers setting up the integration.

The setup flow typically runs as follows:

  1. Customer sets up the integration on the Culture Amp platform.
  2. On successful setup, Culture Amp issues the customer with a set of credentials (client id and client secret). These credentials will have the permissions required to meet the needs of your integration.
  3. Here we will provide a link to a page on your site where the customer can complete the integration setup and enter their credentials.
  4. Once the customer has entered their credentials, you can request an access token and begin calling the API.